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Muay Thai Boran - Ancient Kickboxing, " Art of Nine Weapons"

(Muay Thai Kickboxing Training for Fitness & Self Defence)

(Internationally Recognised & Accredited by the WOMA, MAIA, IMAA, World Muay Thai Council, Boxing & Kickboxing Control Board).

Rod Catterall Celebrates 30 Years in Martial Arts in 2009 as featured in Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine October Edition.

Check out your local school newsletter for our special FREE UNIFORM Brochure PDF document to new members promotion (one per family) only valid to those who present the brochure advertising the offer. (Conditions apply) (Gift Certificates also available)

Our training is of Thai kickboxing origins and western style boxing methods, but our methodology and ideology is universal. We incorporate the latest up-to-date training methods from around the world to give you a comprehensive and practical system for kickboxing. Muay Thai meaning, "Art or Science of Eight Limbs" is one of the most devastating fighting systems in the world. Thai boxing as it is known in english ( nowadays called cardio kickboxing or Kickboxing Exercise (tm) , originated over 1,000 years ago, and has evolved from military origins into the popular international sport it is today.

Many people enter the sport for different reasons, and while some will carry on the tradition, others appreciate the sport mainly as a way of getting into shape, learning self defence and understanding a different culture. The use of boxing, kicking, elbowing and kneeing makes Muay Thai incredibly effective as a street self defence art, and a practical part of mixed martial arts cross training.

For your first class just wear loose comfortable clothing as you will get worked very hard, guaranteed to sweat. It is recommended you also bring along a water bottle and towel. After your first class you are asked to purchase a standard kickboxing uniform from our club shop, consisting of thai shorts and a plain white singlet. Girls of course can wear leotards under the thai shorts and a plain white t-shirt.

Before you enrol in a club nearest you, please read the centres Code of Conduct prior to completing and submitting the membership form (pdf document). Payments are made in advance of all training by either cash, cheque, credit or direct deposit into our nominated account.

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